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Aileen Horn is an artist and architect living and working in Bethesda, Maryland. As a first-generation American, she has roots in Argentina, Eastern Europe, Israel and Spain, at least.
She is a mother and a wife, an aunt, a sister, a daughter, a niece and embraced by a large extended family and community of friends.




Aileen studied architecture as an undergraduate at the University of Virginia and received her graduate degree in architecture from Columbia University. Currently, she specializes in design for the hospitality industry. Most recently, she is focusing on integrating the principles of sustainable design into hotels in both new and historic structures.

By the Wayside, 2008, 14" x 22"






Happy to make big sloppy messes, and ever a Montessori student, she has silk screened posters, constructed costumes, painted sets, canvases and paper, drawn whatever is handy, molded paper, formed castles, animated circuses and and, for nine years, convinced 1st-6th graders to do at least as much along with her.
Aileen's work has been shown and recognized locally. Her work is held in collections at home and abroad.
In the summer of 2006, Aileen and her husband happened upon the ArtsWeekend at the Lake Conference Center in Tunsten, New York and spent a long bucolic weekend questioning and testing theory and practice among a community of artists. Experiencing the ethereal movement of dye on silk under the guidance of Suzanne Punch became the catalyst for Aileen's continuing work in silk.